Amazing Food Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Eating is an essential part of our lives, but you may want to check the history of what you eat every day. Some facts you would never have imagined existed and some are factually right. If you are a foodie, how far do you know about the food you ate? Prepare to have your mind blown with these amazing food facts.

1. Coffee Creamer Contain Titanium Dioxide Which Also Can Be Found in Paint, Plastic and Sunscreen

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Titanium dioxide is also often used in paints, coatings, floor coverings, sunscreen due to its excellent light-reflecting abilities, Its high concentrated ingredient is particularly useful in sunscreen as it has impressive UV resistance which can easily block the sun’s UV rays from reaching your skin. How to ensure coffee creamer is safe to consume? Fret not, the FDA has classified this as a safe product in the food. But an avid coffee drinker may never look at the coffee creamer the same anymore.


2. Pringles Once Had to Prove to the Court That They Were Actually Potato Chips

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This most sought after salty snack has its own story whereby people in Britain back then questioned the proportion of the ingredients of the chips. In 2008, the court in Britain argued that it contained only 42 percent potato salad. Most foods were often exempt from the value-added tax, but potato chips were taxable. This raised many concerns amongst the people because it should not be considered as potato chips but savory snacks instead. But just a year later, the Court of Appeal re-examined and Pringles are most definitely potato chips.


3. Honey Has No Expire Date, It Can Last Until 3000 years

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You might not believe this but honey will never rot. Remaining unspoiled is the key here to maintain its natural state. It does not go bad if it is well sealed and stored perfectly in a dry place. Why? This is due to its natural form that is very low moisture content, few bacterias or tiny microorganisms will not be able to spoil it because it will die. Also, its pH’s itself, between 3 and 4.5 will easily kill off anything that is trying to live in honey,


4. Bugs Used for Skittles and…. Other Candies.

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If you are tempted to taste skittles you may have to think again, Skittle used to create the red colour of the strawberry flavoured using cochineal extract, Carmine which is made by a variety of insects. The chemicals produced by bugs work as natural colourings to these sweets. Luckily, this was back in 2009 that gives your skittles the delicious hue taste. It wasn’t as harmless as you think. The old package of Skittles used to bug people and raised concerns amongst the animal welfare organisation PETA, skittles are not made free from insects and vegetarians starting in 2009 onwards.


5. There Are Names For the Different Shapes of McDonald’s Nuggets

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Best served hot, this heavenly bite-size chicken McNuggets you can’t really afford to miss. Did you know, there are names specifically designed for each shape size of McNuggets. The names are: the bone, the bell, the ball, and the boot. A box of six or 20 carries different names of all shapes and sizes.

Facts above are merely a small portion of thousands mind-blowing facts about food. We would advise you to watch what you eat to be safe, not to eat sensibly per se but maintaining a healthy lifestyle won’t hurt right?

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