10 Wardrobe Staples You NEED in Your Closet

“You gotta have style. It helps you get down the stairs. It helps you get up in the morning. It’s a way of life. Without it, you’re nobody. I’m not talking about lots of clothes.” —Diana Vreeland

Fashion trends come and go like waves. Remember when everyone went crazy over Fanny Packs in 2018 or when chokers were a huge thing? With that being said, basic pieces never go out of style, they are comfortable, chic, effortless and classy and I cannot stress enough how important having basic pieces in your closet are. The best thing about basics is the versatility. In fashion terms, it means that it can be worn in countless ways, with different pieces or create different looks for whatever occasion. It is a staple that can look high fashion without a price of it. Besides, they never go out of style.

Just imagine this: you have to eat potatoes everyday for a week. What would you do to spice things up? Would you eat it plain everyday or would you mix things up a little? Potatoes can be made into hash browns, a side for your steak, soup, fries, mash potatoes, chips, or salad. Just like a white tee shirt, you can pair with it with endless statement pieces and still look effortless and stylish. Here’s top 10 wardrobe staples that are timeless and essential from parisian style to save your time.

Let’s start off with:

1. Classic Button Up Shirt

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The button up shirt is one of my favourites. You can dress it up by throwing an oversized button up shirt over a pair of short skirt or high waisted jeans, with a pair of slacks to work, or go casual with ripped shorts. So many variations to play around with just a simple button up shirt.


2. Crisp White Tee

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Another must have that everyone needs. Great for layering and gives off a fresh and sophisticated look. If it is possible, it can make a hundred outfits with everything you have in your closet! Just pair it with a statement piece for a pop of colour and or a dark lip, you’re good to go. That is how great a basic tee shirt is.


3. Crop Tops

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Crop tops are essential. I simply cannot picture life without them. They are great for Sunday brunch with the girls, date nights, running errands or just about anything! Not to mention, there is no age limit in owning a crop top. If you’re afraid of having your tummy out, just pair it with a pair of high waisted bottoms or layer it with an outerwear.


4. Sweater

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Everyone needs at least one perfect sweater in your wardrobe. Sweaters are perfect for a chilly night out, something to throw over your dress, jeans or work. Pro tip: I always have a little cardigan or sweater with me tugged in my bag or car so I have something to throw over my shoulders or outfit when it gets cold. Have I also mentioned that they are cute?


5. Tote Bag

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These bags are gifts sent from heaven. Not only are they cute, they go well with almost everything and they have the largest storage. Don’t get me wrong, I love those tiny shoulder bags or purses but these are just essentielle. They can fit a laptop or tab, charger, make up, notebook, a lunch box even.


6. Mules

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Mules give me such a nostalgic feeling. They remind me of barbie shoes. Anyways, these are another holy grail. They are so simple yet sweet and look put together when paired with a little summer dress, jeans or shorts. Not to mention, they are super easy to slide in into.


7. Denim Shorts

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Not ashamed to say I live in denim shorts especially in the heat. High waisted denim shorts are my most worn item during the lockdown. Perfect for an evening stroll or a visit to the local farmers market or catching up with friends at the coffee shop.


8. Sundress

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Every girl needs a sweet, breezy and cute sundress in a closet. Easy to slip on and perfect for any occasion such as date nights, grocery run or a little dinner party. When packing for a road trip or summer vacation, sundresses come in handy as they are lightweight and easy. You can simply amp up the look by pairing it with a straw bag and strappy sandals.


9. Maxi Dress

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Speaking of dresses, maxi dresses are another need. They look sophisticated and sexy and so comfortable at the same time. Maxi dresses might be a little on the pricier side but i think it is definitely worth it to invest in a good quality maxi dress.


10. Blazer

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I think there is a preconception about blazers being masculine. But I bet they make the whole outfit so sleek especially for a zoom meeting! Just throw it on over your t-shirt and you are good to go. Blazers can be versatile too. It can be worn over a slip dress to a night out.


Need I say more? With these staples, you will have endless options and you will never have to scout for an outfit for hours. I believe that simplicity is the best form of sophistication, Whatever it is that you have in your closet should reflect your personality and most importantly, it makes you feel like your happiest self. That’s what it matters!