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Did you read the news about why Facebook shut down his Chatbot after they develop a new language and communicate internally?

So what is a chatbot?
CHATBOT is a computer programme which can handle conversations through sound or text. Chatbots are the new rage as more top brands are advancing the technology and integrating it into their website and chat systems.

How does it work?
Chatbot completes its tasks solely through text-based messaging. There are two ways that chatbot can understand text-based messages from users:

  1. Chatbot that relies on strict sets of commands is very limited. They can only respond to perfectly formed commands that they are programmed to recognize.
  2. Chatbot that relies on Natural Language Processing is more intelligent and relies on machine learning.

You don’t have to use strict commands to interact with them.

Instead, you can speak to them as you would to a real person. You can text like:

“Hey, what’s up in the world?” to get the latest news, or

“Oh, I’m starving!” to get options for food delivery services.

With the existence of Chatbot you no longer need to:

  • No need for a designer
  • No need for a front-end developer
  • Best UI
  • The most advanced chatbot is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Why do you need to seriously think about chatbot app development?

Microsoft’s Bot Framework for Skype bots, Telegram’s Bot Platform 2.0, and Facebook’s Bots for Messenger have all been released within the past year.

These companies, as well as other IT firms, have been developing their own AI-powered messaging chatbot platforms.

Since people already spend a lot of their time with the phones in messenger apps, it makes sense to add additional capabilities to the apps that people already are comfortable with rather than forcing them to go over different applications and websites.

What technologies are used to create a chatbot?

We can divide these technologies into two kinds:

  1. Chatbot works with Textual User Interfaces (TUI), meaning you can interact with a service using text commands. If you wanted to buy shoes, you could send a message to the appropriate bot telling them that you want to order shoes, and it could send you various options. In order to implement a TUI and teach your bot to facilitate interaction between your base (which is an eCommerce site in our case) and a user, you have to integrate a particular API. The API connects your chatbot with the app you implemented the bot into and makes it possible to respond to a user’s requests and perform tasks.

  2. Machine learning technologies can allow the chatbot to recognize speech and data, learn patterns of natural language, and interpret data based on previous interactions.

Don’t you think the advancement of technology is helping us to improve our efficiency also allowing us to work on something that is much more important?

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