5 Large Business Industries That Are Ready to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is in everyone’s mouth these days. It has great potential to transform the business industry as well as the relationship between people and technologies. Why does AI matter and what are the business industries related to it?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has long been a topic of anticipation among both well known and scientific culture. It has a great ability to change the business industry as well as the connection between people and technologies. Why does AI matter and what are the business industries related to it?

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Industry
    Have you ever been curious when you survey something online and it suggests some other words that are equivalent to what you search and then it directs you straight away to certain websites? This system does not come from the sky, it’s called SEO.

    SEO is a process to rank your website higher with relevant and specific keywords and drive more users to your website. The search engine knows that providing quality and relevant keywords can bring more customers. With AI-based, the system works in a shorter time to scan the data which is a significant part of designing an effective SEO strategy.

    TIPS: You need to have a powerful meta title and meta description in order to make your website in the top position.

  2. Banking & Finance
    Not to miss, finance is also one of the industries that empower AI in its operation. In finance, everything is treacherous, especially in trading. Trading is mainly about how good you are at predicting the future precisely. Making a meticulous decision can reduce the risk of losing revenue.

    It is the fact that machines can process countless data in a short time compared to human beings as well as learn to observe patterns in past data and predict how these patterns might be repeated in the future. So, it can give better recommendations when it comes to making decisions. Similar to the banking sector, it is always a risky step in the industry and there will always be fraud cases. Even so, it is hard to stop the fraud, we still can control and reduce it. By using AI, it can replace manual auditing that is vulnerable to error and incapacity to audit all data sets. Here, we can detect if there are some files and data are missing.

    Furthermore, we are aware of the rise of cybercrimes as time goes by. Wanting the crime to be reduced, AI is used to detect fraudulent transactions and dubious activity in customer’s transactions from history. If there is any suspicious activity then it can be stopped early.

  3. Automotive Industry
    Automotive! What was on your mind when you read this word? Cars? self-driving car? engine?

    It’s actually bigger than what you had on your mind. Artificial Intelligence is fixedly developed in the automotive industry. The AI system gathers the data from the vehicle’s radar, cameras, GPS, and cloud services to develop control signals that operate the vehicle. For example, Tesla consists of two AI chips that help it to control the car for better safety.

  4. Education Industry
    Nowadays, education is exciting and more interesting. With AI, it provides various options based on the students’ needs. Let’s say, a student completed a task before using the app, and the app reviews it and provides suitable tasks and courses conditional to the student’s ability. AI also provides opportunities for students who speak different languages or have visual or hearing problems.

    For example, Presentation Translator is an AI-based solution that creates subtitles in real-time mode. Using AI Speech Recognition, students can hear or read in their native language. Moreover, teenagers are always with their gadgets and it will be an exciting learning process for them using AI.

  5. Healthcare Industry
    AI has the advantage to impact both facilities and patients as a whole. Some implementations include diagnostic capabilities and predicting disease, customized treatment plans, enhanced electronic health records, and many more.

    The market for AI has the potential to improve healthcare results by 30%-40%. Speaking of saving lives, we always wanted the best way. Therefore, AI in healthcare can improve the quality of treatment, with better care and health services. Next, AI can construct patients’ profiles neatly in contrast to last time methods where they need to fill in the paper and put it in boxes and whenever they need to see the information, they need to go through so many boxes. Now, AI is in data documentation, classifying, and storing in digital form.

In more years to come, artificial intelligence is predicted to expand and grow doubly from today! NexMind AI is already on the road to artificial intelligence. Have you?

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